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Covid 19 update - Close Contact and WFH

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Good morning all, 

The protocol for people who’ve been in close contact with someone with COVID, is to isolate for 7 days and monitor symptoms.  However, regarding all Arche Health staff and contractors involved in service delivery whether directly or indirectly, we have registered Arche Health staff as critical workers.  This means that as long as staff are asymptomatic and have continued to present a negative RAT result over 7 days (1*negative RAT each morning- RAT kits are available for staff), they can come to work. A manager however, cannot force staff to attend work if they wish to follow the general guidelines and  isolate for 7 days.  It is then up to the discretion of each service manager to determine whether staff are in a position to work from home (WFM).  Whilst on the topic, I thought it’s pertinent to clarify a couple of additional points.

Working From Home – Staff and Managers

The service manager must ensure that their staff are allocated sufficient work for the requested WFH period and that the work can be realistically completed in the given time frame.  A WFH request must be completed and forwarded to CEO for sign off.  Under no circumstances may staff WFH without CEO’s approval.  Please note that if  staff  contract the Covid-19 virus, they are required to take sick leave for their quarantine period.  

The Government has certain pandemic related relief payments, which you could find out in the link below. 

Please follow protocols to keep everyone safe!

Sujeewe Gamagedera
Chief Executive Officer