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Funding boost welcomed by Headspace Armadale

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16/10/2018: Arche Health Limited and Headspace Armadale welcomed Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation Board Chair Ian Marshman and CEO Jason Trethowan.

A funding injection to youth mental health services announced this week will help Headspace Armadale meet a rising demand. Headspace Armadale welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcement for expanding headspace services with an additional $51.8 million in funding.

$39 million has been allocated towards services and staff, with the remaining $12.8 million earmarked for digital portal eheadspace. This means that young people will have access to nearly 14,000 additional services, shorter wait times and extra clinical staff.

The additional investment is on top of the $95.7 million per year already committed by the Government to the national network of 107 headspace centres throughout the country. 

Jason Trethowan, CEO of Headspace National, visited us in Armadale meeting our centre team, Arche Health managament (lead agency staff) and consortium chair. Jason said, “With increasing rates of distress being reported by young people it has never been more important to boost the capacity of headspace services on the ground and online. When support is accessed in early stages of distress, young people are best placed to recover quickly and learn lifelong coping strategies. This investment strengthens headspace core services to ensure more young people can access support tailored to their needs.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says, “Our government understands the huge mental health challenge facing many Australians, particularly young Australians. Around 560,000 children and adolescents are estimated to have mental illness, and one in four young Australians experience it in any given year. We want young people to know they are not alone on their journey, and that we’re backing quality frontline support.”