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Mental Health Week 2017 - "connect with nature, community and self"

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Mental Health Week is an annual, national event that aims to improve community awareness and interest in mental health and well-being. In 2017, events will be held from the 8th to 14th October. Communities throughout metropolitan and rural Western Australia will celebrate Mental Health Week with events, exhibitions, poetry, stalls, discussions and more. Most of the activities held during Mental Health Week are free to attend and help communities connect to spread the word that mental health is relevant to everyone.

Mental Health Week 2017’s theme is: connect with nature, connect with community, connect with self for mental wellbeing

Make time to feel naturally happy!

If you’ve got…

2 minutes – look at a photo of your favourite place, take a moment and notice the details, imagine how it smells, sounds and feels to be there. Pause, breathe and smile – then carry on with your day. Choose a nature themed desktop background that brings a smile to your face.

10 minutes – eat a delicious piece of fruit, take off your shoes and stand on the grass, close your eyes and take 20 deep breaths.

30 minutes – plant some fresh herbs and veggies in little pots, fly a kite or go for a run.

60 minutes – pack a picnic lunch or dinner and take your colleagues, friends or family outside, take your dog for a long walk, get your hands dirty with some gardening or weeding.

Mental Health Week also focuses on wellbeing, support, community and reducing mental health stigma:

  • Everyone’s wellbeing is important. You can help look after your mind by getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising and reducing alcohol consumption, learning how to manage stress, keep yourself safe and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Seek support when you need it by talking to people you trust, checking out services online such as beyondblue, reachout or headspace, visit your GP or call 13 14 65 in a crisis, or Lifeline on 13 11 14.
  • Make connections and be part of our community by checking in with your mates, sharing a cuppa to talk things over, find out what’s happening in your community or join mindshare and talk to others.
  • Let’s work together to reduce the stigma and discrimination.

You can go to the Western Australian Association for Mental Health’s website to find out about free events within your local area during Mental Health Week 2017.

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