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Aboriginal Health Programs 

Wangen Murduin®

Arche Health’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) health care team delivers well-established programs and services for ATSI people within the South East,North West and Perth Inner Metropolitan areas. The programs and activities provided are culturally appropriate and aim at contributing towards closing the health expectancy gap between ATSI people and non-Indigenous Australians.

ATSI people experience a higher incidence of chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and renal (kidney) disease than the rest of the Australian population. The reported prevalence of diabetes for example, is two to four times higher in Aboriginal people than in the non-Aboriginal population. For more information on our programs, please refer to the links below.

Please contact the Aboriginal Health Admin Officer on (08) 9458 0505 Ext (522) or email

Referring patients/clients

To refer patients/clients for Wangen Murduin support please call the Aboriginal Health Team on (08) 9458 0505, fax (08) 9458 8733 or emailed to

The administration officer will triage the referral and the patient will be contacted to arrange an initial appointment.