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COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Belvidere Health Centre has been approved be a COVID-19 vaccination provider and we are now vaccinating eligible patients in COVID vaccine clinic.

We are not providing the Pfizer vaccine as this requires specialized storage facilities and will be given at so-called "Pfizer Hubs" to high-risk healthcare, quarantine workers and those in nursing care facilities as phase 1a of the Government's roll out strategy. We are using the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine - 2 doses, 12 weeks' apart.

Given the expected unprecedented demand for the vaccine, appointments at our vaccine clinics will be short (although you will have to remain on site for 15 minutes after the injection), there will be no time for detailed discussion - we expect people turning up to have already made the decision to have the injection; if you are unsure please make an appointment with your GP to discuss further. We also hope that the information on this page is of help in making this decision. Please fill in and bring this consent form along with you to the appointment together with your proof of eligibility.

How can I make an appointment?

If you have a Medicare card and are over 50 you may make an appointment here. For those without a medicare card you may recieve your covid vaccine through the hospital system or GP respiratory clinics.  

For a Powerpoint explanation of the 1b phase see here. You can also check your eligibility here.

How much does it cost?

All cost will be bulk billed to Medicare.

Will I get a certificate of vaccination?

The details of your immunisation will be uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Register, you can download a statement of your immunisations from there.

Which vaccine will I get?

At this stage GPs can only provide the AstraZeneca vaccine and all the information below mainly relates to this vaccine. 


Is the Vaccine safe?

One of the main concerns people have is around the safety of the vaccines; they worry that they have been brought out too quickly and that corners must have been cut to enable this. In Australia the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA), we have one of the strictest regulators in the world and they are happy with the safety of the vaccine. Australia, as a result of relative isolation and good management, has been spared the worst of the pandemic and the TGA has therefore not had to rush into giving the emergency approval for use of the vaccine that has happened in other parts of the world and has had time to make a full appraisal of all the safety data. The TGA is continuing to monitor the long term safety data as it comes in.