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One in five Australians live with chronic pain. Untreated, this can lead to significant disability.

The Community Pain Management Service, developed by Pain Medicine Physician, Dr Stephanie Davies and the Fremantle Pain Medicine Unit, and translated into a primary care setting by Perth North Metro Medicare Local, uses an outcomes-based, co-care model to firstly deliver group education sessions, followed by individual clinical sessions.

These sessions cover:

  • Medications and procedures
  • Movement, exercise and pacing everyday activities
  • Communicating effectively with health providers

The program begins with two group education sessions in the initial week with a multidisciplinary team consisting of a clinicial psychologistphysiotherapist and pain doctor. These sessions focus on areas such as ‘making sense of your pain’, ‘improving function’ and ‘getting your nervous system back onside’. The Community Pain Management Service Coordinator will then organise individual clinics 4-6 weeks after the initial group sessions with the pain team to discuss your personal journey and to develop an indiviualised pain management plan.

Chronic Pain Management Service brochure


Patients are eligible if they are:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Referred with chronic pain (longer than 3 months)
  • Suitable for participation in group education
  • Agree to complete a pre-entry questionnaire to assist in the triaging process
  • Have an English language capacity sufficient to understand the written and verbal materials being presented
  • Be able to give voluntary, informed consent for the ongoing collection of audit data

Exclusion criteria: palliative cancer pain, unstable mental health condition, incarcerated patients or patients already receiving intervention from a pain specialist. Some exceptions may apply.

Referral Process

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